Depraved. Perverted. Wicked.

Coming soon from Unfiltered Entertainment,Inc. Influenced by the original Exorcist film, low budget 80's horror movies and Jesuit conspiracy theories, UE's upcoming feature CORRUPTOR will be a new look at the horror sub-genre of demon possession. Watch the trailer on Vimeo.


Unfiltered Entertainment, Inc. presents CORRUPTOR
Mike Crawford | Megan Garcia | Patrick Lambrecht | Cody McDowell
Jeanne Kern | John Spence | Robert-Kingston Green | Andrea Erickson
and introducing Azar & Abel
Executive Producer Kasey Shafsky
Produced by Chad Haufschild and Dorothy Booraem
Director of Photography Chad Haufschild
Written by Dorothy Booraem and Chad Haufschild
Directed by Dorothy Booraem